Room Bookings

The Region of Waterloo Library has great spaces that can be booked by the members of the community. Whether you need a quiet place to study, or a place to meet with members of a group, we have a space for you.  Now you can book a space online before you come to the library! Learn more below.

Book a Room

 What kinds of rooms can I book?

There are two options for room bookings:

  • Study Rooms: These are small areas meant for one or two people. They provide a quiet space to study or work. You can book same day and come into the library to use this space. These spaces are free to use.
  • Meeting Rooms: These are larger spaces ideal for a group of people to meet. Some of these rooms include equipment and other resources you may use. Meeting rooms bookings require a minimum of 72 hours notice and completing some additional steps to finalize the room booking.
 I am ready to book a room!

There are two ways to book a room:

1. Visiting our online Reserve a Room calendar

  • Pick your Booking Type (see the FAQ on this page for more details)
  • Search for options by selecting a date and location(s)
  • Find your space, and click on the green squares to pick your time
  • Once you are happy with your selection, click on Choose and complete the form
  • Study Room bookings will be approved immediately. For Meeting Room bookings, staff will contact you with additional steps.

2. Contact any Region of Waterloo Library branch or Ask a Librarian

  • Library staff will be happy to place a booking for you, or guide you through the process if you require assistance

Room Booking Frequently Asked Questions

Who can book a library space?
Anyone in the community can book a library space!
What does Booking Type mean? 

Booking Type is important because it determines what spaces are available for you to book, as well as the parameters around booking (such as space rental cost). It is important that you pick the correct booking type.

Booking TypeUser DescriptionSpaces available to book

Community or For-Profit Group

Any group that does not qualify as one of the groups listed below.

Meeting Rooms

First Nations, Metis, or Inuit Community Groups or Organizations

Community groups or organizations run by First nations, Metis or Inuit peoples.

Study Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Individual Use

One or two people who need a study space.

Study Rooms

Non-Profit or Charity Group

"Non-profit" refers to organizations who may carry on activities that may realize a profit; but those activities do not constitute the primary activity of the organization. Funds realized are used for the objects of the organization and not passed on to its members. 

The Canadian Revenue Agency usually issues Non-profits a special Registration Number.

The term “non-profit” is not applicable to an individual or government.

Meeting Rooms

Region/Township Government Program

Region of Waterloo or Township employees booking space for Regional or Township business

Study Rooms

Meeting Rooms

 How much does it cost to book a room?

Study Rooms are always free to use. No charge for room bookings by Individual Use / First Nations, Metis and Inuit Community Groups / Region of Waterloo and Township Programs.

Booking Type

Meeting Rooms

Standard Room Rental Fee

$33.90 first two hours

$16.95 each additional hour

Non-Profit or Charity Group

$22.60 first two hours

$11.30 each additional hour


 What branches have spaces can I book?
BranchMeeting RoomsStudy Rooms

Ayr Branch

Yes (1)

Yes (3)

Baden Branch

Yes (1)


Elmira Branch

Yes (1)


New Dundee

Yes (1)


New Hamburg


Yes (1, note this is not an enclosed space)

How can I track my room bookings? 

You can see a list of your Room Bookings in My Reservations. From here, you can easily see all of your bookings plus whether or not library staff have approved them.

Why do I have to pick a room layout when booking a meeting room?

The room layout determines the capacity of the room. When you select a layout, our room booking system will tell you how many people you can have in that room at one time.

Why do I have to fill out a ‘Region of Waterloo Library Request for Room Reservation and Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions’ form when booking a meeting room?

We have each person booking a meeting room fill out this form for two reasons:

  1. To make sure they understand the Terms and Conditions required to be followed when using the space.
  2. To confirm the cost of renting the meeting room if a fee applies.

Why is the library using DocuSign for the ‘Region of Waterloo Library Request for Room Reservation and Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions’ form?

DocuSign is a convenient way to complete this form without our patron making a special trip into the library. It is consistent with other similar practices at the library.



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