Memory Lab Policy

The RWL Memory Lab may be used to digitize personal memories.

Anyone may use the Memory Lab (no library card required), according to the following:

  • There is no charge to book, or to use, the Memory Lab
  • Memory Lab sessions may be booked online in advance, or over the phone; walk-ins are permitted provided that no one else has previously booked the space
  • Each session is 30 minutes to three hours long; Memory Lab users may stay beyond their booked time only if no one else is waiting
  • There is a grace period of 10 minutes to arrive for a booked session, after which the space becomes available to others
  • If a Memory Lab user needs to cancel their session, every effort must be made to do this with 24 hours notice to allow for others to book and use the equipment
  • If a user misses three sessions, their Memory Lab privileges may be suspended; future ability to book sessions will be at the discretion of Library Management staff
  • A Use Agreement must be signed, in-person at the branch, before use; Individuals aged 16-17 may use the equipment independently, but a parent/guardian over 18 must sign the Use Agreement
  • Children 15 and under may use the equipment, but must have the Use Agreement signed by a parent/ guardian over 18, and must be accompanied by the person who signed the Use Agreement
  • ID must be presented to Library staff at the start of each session
  • Memory Lab users must supply their own media storage device, or purchase one from the Library, to save their work
  • Memory Lab users must review, and agree to follow, the rules outlined in the Memory Lab Use Agreement.

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