Bulletin Board Policy

The Region of Waterloo Library offers promotional space in all branches. Promotional materials for library programs and library co-sponsored programs are given first priority for use of this space.  Regional and Township government information and promotion materials also receive priority over materials from the general community.

The library does not endorse any of the materials posted by the general public.

Bulletin boards and pamphlet racks may display:

  • Information from non-profit* organizations, events, or bodies
  • Material of an educational, cultural, recreational or philanthropic nature
  • City, government or municipal information
  • Information that is relevant to the community or the public library
  • All materials must be of good quality, well written, accurate and easily understood by the public.

*The term non-profit generally refers to an organization whose profits are not passed on to its members.  Such an organization may carry on activities that may realize a profit; provided that those activities do not constitute the primary activity of the organization and that the funds realized are used for the objects of the organization and not passed on to its members.

Bulletin boards and pamphlet racks may not display:

  • Any material that is religious, political, offensive or commercial in nature
  • Advertising for a product, rental property or commercial service or event*
  • Job postings, with the exception of  Region of Waterloo job postings
  • Petitions or sign-up sheets
  • Fundraising or monetary donation boxes may not be accepted or displayed

*Materials promoting a business, service or individual are permitted only if the group is using a library meeting room.  The poster must note the date of the meeting.

Due to space limitations, the library prefers letter sized posters.  Larger materials will be posted only if space permits.

Freedom of Expression

The Region of Waterloo Library guarantees the right of free expression by making available its bulletin boards and pamphlet racks to all individuals meeting the above requirements, whose promotional materials are consistent with the intent of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Ontario Anti-Racism Policy.

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