Exam Proctoring Space

Please note even though our branches have reopened, we are unable to offer Exam Proctoring space until further notice. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

The Region of Waterloo Library (RWL) offers space for exam writing for individuals or groups upon request in accordance with the examining institution, within the following parameters:

  • The library reserves the right to assign the examination room or location according to availability.
  • The library will not accept out-of-pocket costs related to outside examinations. Any costs for copying, postage, or invigilation must be borne by the writer of the exam. 
  • Invigilation, proctoring, or supervision of the actual exam writing will not be undertaken by library staff. If such supervision is required, it shall be the responsibility of the exam writer to provide a properly qualified individual to perform the task.
  • Exams requiring the use of computers shall be written on public computers. An Internet Use Agreement form must be completed for online exams. Computers are to be reserved in advance.
  • Proctoring space is not available in all library branches. 

For more information and space availability please contact us.

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