Computers and Internet

The Region of Waterloo Library (RWL) offers a variety of computer and internet related information and assistance.

All branches provide free access to computers, the internet, and Wi-Fi.

  • Anyone wishing to use our Public Access Computers (PACs), Public Wi-Fi, or mobile hotspots must agree to our Internet Use Agreement. This agreement will be presented electronically to each user at the beginning of every computer session. You must click to accept, in order to proceed.
    • Children under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a printed copy of the agreement on their behalf. The library will let parents/guardians be the best judges of their own children's needs and abilities, and let parents decide when they need to accompany their children at Internet workstations, and which workstations their children can use. A parent/guardian must sign a Children’s Choice of Internet Access Form for each child/teen before access will be given to a child/teen under the age of 18. While recognizing that the Internet provides access to a vast array of tools and resources for different age levels and points of view, RWL does not act in place or in absence of a parent and is not responsible for enforcing any restrictions which a parent or guardian may place on a minor's use of this resource.
  • Everyone must follow the Internet Access Policy.
    • To meet its legal obligations to support freedom of expression and at the same time uphold its reputation as a responsible, caring community member, RWL will offer patrons a choice of filtered or unfiltered Internet access at its computer workstations.
    • RWL will exercise due diligence to prevent the commission of illegal acts, including the printing, publication, or possession of child pornography, public incitement of hatred, exposure to public view of obscene material, and violations of copyright law.
    • RWL will take reasonable measures to ensure patrons' privacy at computer workstations, such as orienting computer screens away from public view, wherever space permits.

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