Call & Collect

Using Call & Collect you can pick up your items outside of the library. It is easy!

  1. Call the branch before you come to pick up the items. (The branch you selected as the pick-up location for the hold).
  2. Let us know what time you will be there.
  3. When you get to the branch, ring the doorbell or knock on the door.
  4. Present your library card, and we will bring your items to the door.

Cannot call in advance? No problem. Just ring the doorbell for service, and our staff will prepare them for you quickly.

Call & Collect: Frequently Asked Questions

 Why has the Library switched from Click & Collect to Call & Collect?

Call & Collect is more accessible to all library members, as it does not require access to the internet to use. Click & Collect was handy during Covid as it allowed us to use an automated system to spread out patron visits in accordance with health regulations. We no longer require visitors to be spread out, so we can switch to a simplified system.

What happens if I say I am picking up my items, but then can't make it to the library?

If things change and you cannot make it into the branch, please let us know. You can either call or email your pick-up branch to make a new arrangement.

Can I pick up library items for other people?

Yes! Just make sure to let staff know you are picking up items for another person. Remember to bring that person’s library card, as you will need it to pick up their items.

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