Programs and Registration FAQ

Programs and Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a program or event? 

Registering for a program or event is easy! Visit our Events Calendar and look through our current listings. To register: 

  1. Use the calendar or list view to see a list of library programs.
  2. You can filter by date, location, age group or event type.
  3. Click on the event to see more details. Read the description carefully to ensure that the program is the right fit for you and/or your family members.
  4. Click on Register to register for the program.
  5. Enter your library card to automatically fill in some personal details, or enter your information manually.
  6. Click Save to register. 
When does registration close?

Registration closes one hour prior to when the program starts. If registration has closed, but you are interested in attending the program, please email to see if there is space available.

Do I have to register myself for children's programs as a parent/caregiver? 

Please only register people who are actively participating in the program. If your child is under 9 years old, a caring adult is required to remain in the library during the program; however, this does not need to be reflected in the registration.

Make sure to read the program description for any special registration instructions. If you have any questions or are unsure how to register properly, please email us at

Do parents/caregivers have to participate in programs? 

Please review the following requirements based on children’s age categories:

  • Five years or younger – Parents/caregivers must participate in all programs.
  • Ages six to eight – Parents or caregivers over the age of 12 must remain in the library during the whole program, but do not need to actively participate.
  • Ages nine and older – Parents and caregivers do not need to remain in the library during the program.
Can I register my child even though they are not the right age? 

The age recommendations for programs are based on the program content and activities. Our program team strives to create programs that are enjoyable and accessible to all participants.

If your child is outside the recommend age range, please contact the Program Team at to discuss if the program is suitable for them prior to registering.

Can I register for programs and events at any Region of Waterloo Library branch?

Yes! We encourage library members to sign up for programs and events at any Region of Waterloo Library branch.

Do I have to register for each week of a program? 

It depends on the program. Some programs require you to register for all weeks like Baby Connections or Ready, Set, Go! Kindergarten. For those programs, you will automatically be registered for all weeks. You can easily identify these events because all dates will be preselected, and the check boxes greyed out. 

Some programs will allow you to choose the weeks you attend. If this is an option, you will have the option to check or uncheck the box next to the weeks you wish to attend.

What does it mean when a program has a take home kit?

There are two types of programs with a take home kit:

  • Virtual Programs – For these programs, patrons pick up their kit from their preferred branch, then join RWL Staff for a virtual program where they complete a craft or otherwise use the materials provided in the kit.
  • Self-Directed Programs – For these programs, patrons pick up their kit from their preferred branch, then complete the craft or activity on their own time. In some cases, there may be a pre-recorded video that accompanies the kit.

Patrons will be notified by branch staff when their kits are ready to be picked up. All take home kits must be picked up within one week of the program date.

How much do programs cost?

All Region of Waterloo Library programs are free! 

Are virtual programs recorded?
The event description and registration page for each virtual event will indicate if it is being recorded. Recorded programs will be made available on Niche Academy following the event. To watch previous recorded videos, please visit Niche Academy and create an account or log in.
I can no longer attend an event. How do I cancel my registration?

Please let us know if you can no longer attend an event or program. You can cancel by either:

  1. Visiting My Events
    • Log in with your library card and PIN. If you do not have a library card, you can log in with your last name and the reference number used in your confirmation email.
    • Find the program listed and click Cancel. You can either cancel for the whole series, or for some programs, just the individual week.


 2. Email us at or call us at 519-575-4590. You may also call the branch that the program is taking place at. 

I am on the waitlist for a program. How will I know if a spot becomes available?

The events calendar will automatically register you for the program if you are on the waitlist and space becomes available. You will be notified by email.

You can also review your registration and wait list status by logging into My Events. 

Will programs ever be cancelled?
The Regional Municipality of Waterloo operating as the Region of Waterloo Library reserves the right to cancel or substitute any program which does not meet a minimum enrolment or due to inclement weather and severe weather advisories.  All updates will be provided via the Region of Waterloo Library’s website and social media channels. 

For registered programs, participants will be notified via the phone number or email provided in their registration form. The Region of Waterloo Library shall not in any way be liable to you for such aforementioned cancellation or substitutions of any program offered by the Region of Waterloo Library.

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