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Visit our Discovery Kits page to learn about our resource kits designed for children (age 0-6) and their families to explore and learn about new topics together!

Books and Beyond is the Region of Waterloo Library's early learning philosophy which is based on the American Library Association's Every Child Ready to Read™ program.  The program focuses on the following five literary practices:

  • Talk - Talking to and with your child is an excellent way for them to learn new words, phrases and more. Even infants are learning and absorbing what is said; so try describing what you see on a walk, or how soft a blanket feels. Talk in whatever language you are comfortable with; they will learn a lot!
  • Sing - Sing with your child anytime of day. Singing helps to slow down language, and allows for children to learn new words, and phrases. It does not matter what you sing or how you sing it, just have fun and sing!
  • Play - For children, playing is a way to explore the world around them. They are able to build important skills such as self-expression, problem solving and socializing, while learning new words and having fun all at the same time! Playing is an important part of every day activities.
  • Read - It's never too early to start reading aloud to your child. Reading with your child is one of the best ways you can help them prepare for reading on their own. Try reading a variety of print materials such as picture books, magazines, newspapers, and more! Ask one of our staff to help you find some books to share with your whole family!
  • Write - Pre-writing skills begin at a very early age. Even the simplest scribbles are the beginnings of more formal writing skills. Try encouraging your child to write their name on their piece of art, or help you make a grocery list.

At RWL our early learning programs are based on family literacy research and include tips, tricks and information for families to use. By participating in the five literary practices as a family, you will help build your child's literacy skills.

 Early Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region
The Region of Waterloo Library is a member of the Early Literacy Alliance of Waterloo Region. Region of Waterloo Library staff are dedicated to increasing literacy at our branches and in the community.



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