Hobby Kits

Hobby Kits

Sewing, quilting, birdwatching, woodcarving and more! Hobby kits are a way for patrons to explore new-to-them activities. Each hobby kit is unique!

All hobby kits can be discovered through our catalogue. Hobby kit will contain the tools or accessories required for the activity as well as books to assist in learning. Kits come in an RWL tote bag or, for some larger sets, may be in plastic totes. 

Please note, that the Region of Waterloo Library does not supply consumable materials (e.g. paper, wood, baking ingredients, etc.) for our kits.

Hobby kits:

  • Have a three week loan period
  • Can be placed on hold
  • Can be renewed
  • Limit of two per patron
  • Patrons may be charged replacement and/or processing fees for any missing pieces
  • To borrow, patrons must be 16 years or older (i.e. adult membership)

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