Request an Item

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll do our best to get it. Often we can get you a book or other item even if it isn't in our collection. 

Suggest an Item for Library Purchase

Are we missing something in our collection? If it's new and less than a year old,  you can recommend the library buy it. Use our Request an Item Form to make a suggestion. Select request type, "Vote Order". 

Borrow an item through Interlibrary Loans

If the item is older than a year, the interlibrary loan service allows patrons to request materials from other libraries that the Region of Waterloo Library does not own.
There are three ways to order items through interlibrary loan:
  1. Complete the Request an Item Form. Select request type, "Interlibrary Loan". 
  2. Sign up to order materials through the interlibrary loan service. Learn how via our Interlibrary Loan brochure
  3. Visit, call or email your library branch to make your request.

Registering for INFO (self-serve) Interlibrary Loan

You will need:
  • A valid Region of Waterloo library card; and
  • To register for INFOntario by completing the Registration Form.
Library staff will reply by email with your INFO user ID and password.
Already have an INFO account? Start searching INFO now! 
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