Family Literacy Tips for Spring

By: Janelle Wenger, Family Literacy Coordinator


Grocery Store Literacy

Next time you're at the grocery store with your children, try some of these fun activities. They will not only help to keep your child occupied (and hopefully content), but will build literacy skills at the same time.

  • As your child sits in the cart, let him/her hold one of the grocery boxes, such as a cereal box, that you will be purchasing. Call out a letter, such as "Aa." Using a pen, ask your child to find and circle as many "Aas" as they can find. For a more advanced variation of this activity, ask them to search for all of the letters in their name, in order.
  • Play the ABC game. Ask your child to carefully examine the signage at the store, to first search for an A, then a B, then a C, etc. They may need a little help with the tricky ones, such as Q, X, V, and Z.
  • If your child is an early reader, let them hold the grocery list, and name off which items are still needed. Give them a pen to cross off what is already in your cart. 
  • Involving your child in creating the grocery list at home before you leave for the store, helps to create an even richer literacy experience. Children can help to decide what groceries should be added to this week's list. They will be eager to check the pantry shelves. They can be encouraged to copy product names onto the list, using the grocery flyers to assist them with correct spelling.
Remember, opportunities for working on literacy skills abound in the daily routines of life. Make the most of the teachable moments, and above all, enjoy this special time together!


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