Overdue Fines

Overdue fines will be applied to all late materials. downloadLibrary eBooks/eAudiobooks are returned automatically - no fines! 


Cost of item
(per day)

Maximum fine
(per item)

 Adult  $0.25  $5
 Child  $0.15  $5

A courtesy reminder will be emailed  3 days before the due date to those patrons who have provided a valid email address.

A first overdue notice will be issued after 7 days either by email or phone call from the branch. 

A second overdue notice will be issued by mailed letter after 21 days. At this point if items are not returned, patrons will be billed for the full replacement cost, plus a $5 processing fee per item. 

A final overdue notice will be issued by mailed letter after 45 days indicating that items are now classified as lost and if payment is not received their account will be sent to a Collection Agency.

Library privileges are suspended at $20 for both adult and child borrowers.

Returning the item cancels the replacement chargers but maximum fines will still apply.

Outstanding fines must be paid before a membership is renewed. Payment of fines can be done at any branch by cash or cheque. 

Collection Agency

All patrons owing $25 or more for more than 60 days will be referred to a Collection Agency.  If payment is still not received, this may affect credit ratings. If needed, please contact your library branch to discuss a payment plan.

Lost or Damaged Books

Patrons must pay for each lost or damaged library book. There is a $5 administration fee charged for each lost item. The cost of lost items found and returned within 12 months will be refunded with proof of payment. Administration fees and overdue charges will not be refunded.

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